Clean Delhi, Green Delhi

This is a dedication to all citizens of Delhi on the occasion of World Earth Day on the 22nd o f April.

I wrote it for my brother who is in the 4th standard as

his school is celebrating Earth Day on the 20th



BeaUTY OF Nature

Picturesque gardens have,

A princely aroma

Enchanting hues & fragrances,

Of the flora and fauna

Makes its way into our hearts,

Soothing all our senses. 

Buddha attained Nirvana,

At Buddha Jayanti Park,

Amidst the heavenly ambiance,

He reached the Jehovah. 

The serene quarters of Lodi Garden,

Musical fountains of Kalindi Kunj

Let us not drown the blissful music

In horns and traffic boom. 

Let us preserve the life-giving oxygen,

From black, monstrous air pollution,

Let us save the lush, beautiful trees,

From the cruelty of the industrialists. 

Let us rescue the crystal clean waters,

From poisonous chemicals from chimneys,

Let us keep our roads pure and sparkling,

And pledge to make Delhi clean and green. 

Yours purely




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