Illusion of cubes

I made this picture using Visual C++ as my first project. Our brain automatically searches for depth in the picture… This is an orthographic projection where all objects, however near or far, appears as the same size. The only way to make sense of this “illusion” is to compel oneself to detach our “view” from the three dimensions that we know, and observe it as merely a particular arrangement of lines on a flat surface…There isa certain feeling of monotony as one sacrifices the wonderful stereovision to achieve this. However, in the next moment, it feels immensely gratifying that this is, after all, an illusion, the opposite of the real world, which is a beautiful manifestation of remarkable laws, like the graceful gestures of a divine dance…

Illusion of stack


4 thoughts on “Illusion of cubes

  1. oh its like that honda end…no beginning and no end, yet it goes on (well, it WUD ahve to go gone if it has no end, wudnt it? )

    but you know how i8 suck at illusions…they never seem to work on me…sniff

  2. No answers really belong to such questions… If you insist, I will make an attempt.

    I see a tiny flame of passion and enthusiasm that burns strongly and illuminates whatever you do with a fiery glow of purity. And I am blessed to have the light shine upon me…

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