A story and My Birthday Challenge

“My eyes reflected the expensive and elaborate embroidery of the wall paper that adorned the walls. Through the tall glass windows (and doors) the decoration limousine grandly announces my birthday. My fancy dress (with sequins and gold designs and …) is the monetary equivalent to a year’s salary of the homeless people I saw on the streets. I am embedded within a swarm of people with permanent smiles pasted on their faces, dressed to flaunt their “status”. There is absolutely nothing surrounding me that came even close to poverty or struggle.

Yet, I crash into the image of the not-so-old image of a young boy rapturously struggling to catch a glimpse of my glamorous attire through the tinted windows of the luxurious car. The look on his hungry face as he followed my car in sheer delight to see the grand parade… It pierced through the envelope of plastic, embellished, but empty greetings like a sword through my flesh… I remember his hungry eyes, his simply beautiful smile… The bird beat its wings in vain longing to follow her instincts but the golden cage KILLED it.”

On my birthday on the (17th November), I am not asking something that I want, but something that I need.This year, I will GIVE presents, instead of accepting them. And I encourage you to give a little, here. If you can’t make a donation, email the birthday challenge to as many people as you can. Link to the challenge on your blog. Email to the obsessive forwarders, any related groups and forums. I will be a lot more gratified to see the autistic people live the life they deserve to live, than I would be to receive fancy gifts. I am certain that I would find more joy in “giving” than in “taking” . I will be really, immensely and genuinely happy to not have a birthday spent in tears. This is the gift that I want for my birthday and this is the gift that would truly make me realize the essence and meaning of my birth, here and now. Believe me, it will make me truly free and happy.

I send an explosive thank you to WideLawns for the http://www.donorschoose.org. Also, I would be proud of me if you decided to make off with my idea. Thanks to all of you who visit my site. I salute your sacred souls and spirits.

Coming back to the story… What happens next? What does she do to break free from her cage? Friends, even if we don’t begin the stories of our lives, we are the ones who write the endings. Do choose wisely.

Festive cheers,


2 thoughts on “A story and My Birthday Challenge

  1. Well what u saw or u imagined is something most of us do often.Its just a matter of fact how and where u live and work.But i appreciate the way u empathize for pained souls.i am sure we all display our sympathies and help in different ways, at least i do.i think we should ask ourselves one question: which way am i gonna help?

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