The Sound of Laughter

My eyes opened to the world, to meet its vivid, awe-striking, vibrant imagery. I remained motionless, not wishing to disturb the steady balance of my eyes, frozen in space and time, lost in sheer curiosity and silent delight of visualizing the world. My gaze drank from this novel experience with light and flirted with my surroundings. At that moment, within my soft skull that enveloped my teeming brain, I could sense a billion of tiny, sparkling nerve impulses, dancing with excitement of feeling the touch of “Time”. A feeling of overwhelming joy courses through my little body, in anticipation of the events that would invariably occur and their influence on my brain and, indeed, my being.I felt as if I’d just watched a deeply moving movie that spanned the evolutionary and spiritual past of organisms on earth… and now, I was here to direct a sequel, with all the experience and lessons yearning to take shape. From the time I was conceived, my body has “evolved” in my mother’s womb from an amoeboid-shaped cell to fish-looking organism, to an amphibian, to a reptile and finally after mimicking many evolutionary phases, in the form as it is today. Ernst Haeckel, Darwin’s friend knew that Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. He was truly a great man of profound insights. What is it that I hear…?“You are just a newborn baby! How could you possibly know of this?”

The most tenable and satisfactory answer to your question would be my innocent, resonating laughter. But adults don’t remember a lot…they do not “see” what is so crystal clear, beautiful and precious right there, before them, but gaze at the other side of the fence… I will do my best to translate the thrill of my laughter in your language. Listen closely… Everyone, including me, is born with an innate, incredible plasticity, and immense capability of prodigious thinking.

“Huh. Just like that?”

“Yes, the divine wisdom is all thanks to the great job of the Master Spirits.”

“Who is He?”

“Hmmm. Never mind. Let me put forth another perspective. Everyday, every hour and every minute, I am forming new synapses through specific patterns of neuronal activity. If I find a pure and intense desire, passion and love for a goal, then the connections and associations in my brain will align in the precise form and pattern to make my dream a reality. A process of selection will stimulate my dream and inhibit the patterns that go against it. My power derives from my purity. The swift developments in my brain arise from the inherited capacity to perceive and control of my ancestors.

Now, I am capable of “downloading” a certain kind of software that may be understood as a blueprint or a pattern, a set of mental rules or algorithm that form the basis of the challenge that I am eager to pursue. My love for it grows in harmony as my “hard work” results in establishing within me, the energies that correspond to my target. In this way, I can “tune in” to that pattern. Now, I could alter my synaptic development to cater to my desires. This information pertaining to my penchants, functions as a reference level for a perceptual control process in my brain. This process would compare the current state of affairs with the reference level and generate a negative feedback if they differ. This would then trigger actions that would bring me closer to my goal. Thus, the wiring of the brain models a control theory that imparts a sense of purpose to the brain’s structure and functioning.”

“What is so special about this process and children?”

I am in my natural state of growth. My preferred synaptic pattern is woven into the fabric of my developing synaptic structure. Imagine a potter’s wheel. A finger held against the wet clay rotating on the wheel, would leave a symmetric depression in the clay… In the same way, these initial inclinations are permanently “saved” in the brain. The legacy of my ancestors, i.e. capacity to perceive and control is like the clay pot on the rotating wheel and it may be sculpted with love. Children have never known hatred. They only understand the language of love. How beautiful and empowering it is to have countless choices to choose from, with each configuration giving a unique output…and then to be able to select the precise ones that ring true with one’s conceived design.

“Wow. I wish I could be a child again.”

In about two years’ time, I will have reached the point where I have the maximum number of synapses I will ever have. Slowly, the synapses that are superfluous because one or more of the regions that the neuron connects is “not correct”.

When I “grow up” and get the opportunity to “live my dream” and this will lead to synaptic pattern being nourished, developed and strengthened for the entire world to behold and admire.”

“Phew! You are awe-inspiring, stunning! I am simply overwhelmed by your knowledge…”

“If only you could understand my resonating laughter, you wouldn’t have to exert the effort to understand…”

“Someday, I hope I can…”

My body decided that it wanted to return to the warmth, nourishment and love of my mother’s womb… or at least announce its intentions. I was overpowered by the physical discomfort of leaving the heavenly cocoon and tears flowed copiously through my eyes, as I broke into a glass-shattering cry, only to be subdued by my mother’s comforting hug.



“Akrit[1] developed a passion for science and anatomy at an early age. Doctors at local hospitals took notice and started allowing him to observe surgeries when he was 6 years old. Inspired by what he saw, Akrit read everything he could on the topic. When an impoverished family heard about his amazing abilities, they asked if he would operate on their daughter for free. At the age of 7, he performed an operation on an 8 year old girl whose fingers were fused together after being burnt. Her surgery was a success. After the surgery, Akrit was hailed as a medical genius in India. Neighbors and strangers flocked to him for advice and treatment. At age 11, Akrit was admitted to Punjab University. He’s the youngest student ever to attend an Indian university. That same year, he was also invited to London’s famed Imperial College to exchange ideas with scientists on the cutting edge of medical research. Akrit[2] says he has millions of medical ideas, but he’s currently focused on developing a cure for cancer. “I’ve developed a concept called oral gene therapy on the basis of my research and my theories,” he says. “I’m quite dedicated towards working on this mechanism.” Growing up, Akrit says he used to see cancer patients lying on the side of the road because they couldn’t afford treatment or hospitals had no space for them. Now, he wants to use his intellect to ease their suffering. “I’ve been going to hospitals since the age of 6, so I have seen firsthand people suffering from pain,” he says. “I get very sad, and so that’s the main motive of my passion about medicine, my passion about cancer.” According to his mother Rakish Kumara Jaywalk, the child genius, Akrit Jaswal [3] was an early starter. He skipped the toddler stage and started walking. He started speaking in his 10th month. He was reading Shakespeare at the age of 4. He possesses books such as Gray’s Anatomy, and textbooks on surgery, anesthesia, anatomy, physiology, Cancer, and others. Akrit claims to have mastered them with his daily habit of studying for an hour.”

“Hello Akrit! Do you remember that we met when you were born?”

“Of course! Could I forget something so recent?”

[Deep resonating laughter]

“Your laughter speaks to us, Ankit!”


“You have made us all so proud and happy. In the village, people deem you to be a reincarnation! Neighbors and people from surrounding areas are flocking at your place to consult you regarding ailments, prescriptions and courses of treatments!”

“I will be glad to be of service to them. I will need yours and their blessings and faith to fight cancer.”

“We believe in you.”


3 thoughts on “The Sound of Laughter

  1. ah…time patterns… i do recognize them now…my dad is gonna love this…wait till i show him
    i saw baby geniuses, cute movie, sorta deals with things you deal with…see it…

    and oh, you write deeply
    Watch out that you don’t drown

  2. I am immensely glad that you do. Do let me in on your insights.

    Thanks for the movie recommendation – will watch it.

    I will be careful… and/or I will learn swimming!!!

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