India, unite against terrorism

It has happened before. It was a time when India was prospeous and developed – the villages, the agriculture, the industries, the technology, the transportation, the medicine were all flourishing. Mahmud of Ghazni raided temple towns as Indian temples of cash, golden idols, diamonds, and jewellery; India, the golden bird could do nothing to prevent this. Now, as India is on the path to rapid development, gunmen execute seven attacks at strategic places in the financial capital of India. Our hollow security watches helplessly as 186 people get killed and more than 300 are injured. For heaven’s sake, they get into the richest and the largest buildings and we remain oblivious till we hear a BANG! Time and again, our security is brought to test. Again and again, we fail the test. I believe It is time to take notice our vulnerability along with progress. A bird must build a strong iron cage before she lays a golden egg.

A single person cannot change the situation. But a single person can raise their voice and demand action. Echoing her message: As a sign of support and concern for victims & hostages of recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai lets start by putting this badge on our blogs/websites/social networks.




4 thoughts on “India, unite against terrorism

  1. It won’t work. What do you think fuels and motivates terror in the first place? You think that everything is black and white? Well, there’s a lot of half-toning going on and you would be a fool not to see it. Think about it, what motivates these people to leave everything they have for some esoteric cause promoting death and destruction? The answer isn’t as simple as you think it is. Remember my theory of double standards? Well apply that to this situation and see for yourself. While you’re at it, go and read Friedman’s new book Hot, Flat, and Crowded.

  2. @Anuj: Yes, criminal mindset is tricky; even after volumes and libraries of books on psychology of murderers, we don’t completely understand the underlying motivation. New studies are showing that certain people may have a genetic predisposition to aggression (which are probably strong in terrorists and such). Their psyche is out of our reach. However, in my post I hail for action to strengthen the security,since this is something that is in our control.

    Thanks for the references.

  3. You didn’t get my point, no matter how “secure” you make a system, weak links will always exist. As long as humans are involved that system can be easily compromised through social engineering; you will and can never be 100% secure, you have to take a chance once in a while you know.

    Their psyche is NOT out of our reach, each one of us has experienced to some degree what motivates them to kill. Only their feelings are more concentrated and intense; the only way to win in any game is to understand the mind of your opponent and cripple him/her by attacking what supports him/her. In this case you unleash counter propaganda show people the other side of the story, let those terror bulletin boards perpetuate, but add your message to them. Create doubt, show them the consequences of their actions. At the same time, systematically destroy the money pipeline that sustains them, demolish the energy system in place which funnels money to them, do whatever it take just don’t let them get the means to attack you in the first place.

    This is a war for minds, all those guns and bombs are mere symbols for you can’t kill an idea with a bullet. Can you?

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